I help clients to develop their relationship with themselves prior to building their relationships with others

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  • I am not good enough at this, I will fail.
  • The more that I do, the more people want from me.
  • What does he/she expect? I can’t do everything.
  • I’m too tired to deal with this
  • I have said that I will do it, so I will do it.
  • Everything is just becoming too much.
  • I don’t want to do this anymore.
  • I don’t understand you.
  • I will do it, they need me.
  • There is not enough time.
  • You don’t listen
  • You win, I give up.

Have You Been Asking Yourself – What should I do?

I can help you gain clarity over the issues that are affecting your life and your decision-making. You can say”No” assertively and demonstrate your resilience.

You can build a stronger relationship with yourself so that you can enjoy fantastic relationships with others.

I have a framework that helps you THRIVE!

T is for TELLING your story

H is for HEARING your words

R is for REVEALING your truth; what you desire.

I is for INVESTIGATING the problem and understanding what is getting in the way.

V is for VENTURE, so you can be the pioneer driving your relationship forward OR letting go to seek a new future.

E is for the EXCITEMENT that you will feel when you can visualise your future clearly with a plan.


I know how easy it is to feel controlled by your fears. I know that when you awoke this morning you had that nagging feeling that you will never feel special again. You know those memories, the ones where you felt like you were the duo that could do and be anything seem like they are fading.

Now you picture loss, need, and loneliness; you are frustrated, maybe even angry! You push that picture aside, try to convince yourself that you are over-reacting. You know that you can take action, but are confused.

You ask yourself – “should I stay, or should I leave?”

I can help you answer that question. I do not need to delve deep into your memories or understand every detail of your life. What I will do is follow the THRIVE Framework to help you to make some informed decisions based on your evaluation of your knowledge of your situation.

The fact is that I have been on this journey, and I know that when you follow the THRIVE Framework to help you make the right decisions for you, with a plan and a checklist of desired outcomes. You will lead by example and negotiate a way forward.

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