So, Who Am I?

I am a woman who believes anything is possible. I grew up knowing from experience that toxicity in a relationship affects not just the couple, but also the children.

As a teen, I learned that we have to get to know who we are and what we have control over. It was a difficult lesson for me and I made many mistakes on my path to independence. I had been living with limited choices, then having choices became overwhelming.

I learned that having a personal philosophy ensures that I know what I will stand for and what I will stand against. This helps me know my boundaries and they guide me in making impacting decisions.

I know my purpose and my mission. You don’t have to fear being decisive and taking those risks. Your goals when you choose them will become an exciting challenge.

I want to help you design your personal philosophy and this will guide you to defining your personal leadership philosophy that will help you to build co-operation with your colleagues to reach that career goal.

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Karen x


DISC Behavioural Model

Do you want to understand why you act in one way with certain people and another way with others? Are you aware of the changes that you make in your interactions with others?

Knowing who you are and how you handle stressful situations can help you maintain your personal boundaries. How do think that others impact the way that you deal with a situation? What are your learned responses from the past and how do they impact the way that you interact with those around you?

If you want to find out more about DISC analysis, please contact me and we can arrange a call.



Women's Safety and Wellness

  • My belief in building trusting relationships with my clients ensured that I gave my best.
  • Kindness and respect was offered and replicated.
  • I always appraise the safety needs of clients.
  • Boundary setting support is offered toall my clients as they know what they need.
  • Cognitive Behaviour techniques, help reduce anxiety and offer conscious reframing of thinking to change habits.

Qualifications & Accreditations

  • I graduated from Keele University – MA (Merit) Criminology & Criminal Justice. My focus was on how power, control, and coercion are normalised as part of the structure of society and how the sentencing policy of the UK reinforces this attitude.
  • TQUK Level 3 Award in education and training (QCF)
  • IOee SFEDI Award – Personal Performance Coaching Dip Level 5.
  • Mental Health First Aid.
  • DISC Accreditation via the Coaching Academy.

Relationship Coaching and Mentoring.

  • Using an evidenced-based risk identification checklist to identify a risk of harm.
  • Referrals made to the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC).
  • Completed safety plans provide practical support.
  • Offer support in communication and maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Offered training and mentorship in self care and health and wellbeing.
  • Provided training on issues related to substance use.
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